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Pay yourself first.

Pay Yourself First

How many times have you told yourself you are going to try and save more but then somehow several months …

How to pay as little tax as Trump.

Tax Saving

Hello out there. It’s the weekend again. Where did that go?! I hope you’re all well and safe, spirits up and eager …

Stay Alert. Counter Inflation. Save your lifestyle.

Inflation burning money

Hello again readers! I hope you are all well and getting to grips with the second new normal. Over the last few months we have been trying to ‘control the virus’ and I have been trying, probably with more success, to ensure that this temporary blip in the road doesn’t lead to irrational investor behaviour…. Read more »

Six decisions that could ruin your retirement


I’ve been trying to think of things you might associate with the number six. Six eggs. Six pack – ha I wish! Six geese a laying. Six of one and half a dozen of the other. Some readers, I’m sure, will remember spending a sixpence in their younger years, otherwise known as a ‘tanner’. Given… Read more »

Financial Planning Advice. What’s it all about and who do I use?

Financial Planning

A good financial planner could be your most valuable asset.  OK, I would say that I know, but it’s true –  I promise you! I often take on new clients who don’t understand what financial planning involves or the benefit it can bring. It’s very simple – financial certainty. This post should help you understand… Read more »

Timing the market – is this a good idea?

Investment Timing

A common saying in financial planning is “it’s about time in the markets, not timing the markets.” But why is this? When investments start to fall I often take calls from clients who are rightly worried and want to try and time the market. Some reassurance on how markets operate can often put their mind… Read more »