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Already In Retirement

Comfort and Control


Alan and Laura had built a good amount of wealth during their working lives, using various investment companies and financial advisers.  Their portfolio had become messy, with many different funds and products. There was no clear strategy to meet their main objective of income to support their retirement living.

It was becoming difficult for them to keep track of their information for tax purposes as well as monitoring their income. They contacted Agile, in the hope that they could find financial planner who could pro-actively organise their situation and who cared about a long-term relationship.

Our Approach

Our initial meeting involved getting to grips with their current lifestyle. We wanted to fully understand exactly what makes them tick, what they needed their income for and when. Only then could we understand how to put the situation right.

We then moved on to understanding their views on investment risk. We select an asset allocation to suit our clients risk profile, before recommending our carefully selected portfolios of what we feel are the best investment funds to suit that profile.

The bulk of our work here was to review each of the existing investments, after gathering all of the relevant information from the various companies. There were many! We could then assess whether these policies would remain suitable. We often find that older investment funds either lack performance and choice or have higher charges than what we could find today.

The Outcome

Over time we managed to make a complex portfolio with a wide range of investment types much more organised. We recommended a move towards a single investment platform, providing Alan and Laura the clarity and control they desired. This whole process took a few years to complete, during which time we were able to ensure that all their annual tax allowances such as ISA’s were utilised. We also managed to reduce costs quite considerably, meaning more of their hard-earned money remains with them.

Alan & Laura have been delighted with the service they received from us. We speak regularly, review their financial planning regularly and are always on hand to answer any questions, whenever that might be.  They now have a financial situation that is much less frustrating, a great relationship with us and a clear vision of their future planning.