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Understanding the lifestyle you want is central to our advice.

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Agile Financial - Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet

You need to be comfortable that we can work together, and we need to know if Agile can help. Our initial chat will establish just that. This meeting can be held in person, over the telephone or video call.

We will let you know how we work, what we cost, and we’ll get to know each other a bit. No fuss and it’s up to you whether you take things forward.

I contacted Chris Thorpe because I had been made redundant from an employer of many years and wished to examine all my options at the point of change. I appreciated his examination of our overall financial position and in particular an analysis of our pensions and our future options. He was able to give us some good advice and tips on all aspects of our finances that was tailored to our current and future requirements. We were able to create a personal plan to gives us the best possible flexibility whilst maximising our tax allowances. Chris is a very good listener and asked some very thoughtful questions. His explanation of risk as we are moving into our retirement stage was very helpful and the bespoke plan he suggested was built upon our current and future requirements.

G Parsons | Derby | Retirement Planning

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Agile Financial - Your Financial Life

Your Financial Life

We’ve established that it’s worth working together. Now it’s time to find out about you. We will discuss your current lifestyle, your financial position, your existing plans and get a good understanding of the lifestyle you really want.

This part of the planning process tends to take 1-2 hours of your time, and again whether it happens in person, over the telephone or video call is up to you. But be assured it’s worth it, your financial life is central to the advice we give.

Want some more good news? These first two stages have only cost you some time, we don’t charge you a penny until you decide you’d like some work doing on your behalf.

Agile Financial - Wealth Management


This is where the work goes in. You’ll notice no mention of any type of policy just yet? That’s because pensions, investments and insurances are only the tools used to make your financial life work. This is where we start to find them.

We will start with a review of what, if any, financial products you’ve already got. If your existing plans are good and fit the plan, they should be kept. If not, we will recommend the best alternative and tell you why as well as finding any new plans we think you should have.

Agile Financial - Present Recommendations

Present Recommendations

Once your plan is built, this will all go into a report of our recommendations. We will let you have a copy of this report before holding another meeting to explain our advice. Our promise is to make this as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.

And finally, just to confirm, this is all about you. If you want to make changes, you can.

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Agile Financial - Implement Recommendations

Let’s Go!

Like the plan? When you are happy with what is recommended here is where we get things going. You sign, we take care of the rest.

Agile Financial - Wealth Management

Regular Reviews

Things change. Whether this is in your life, or in the wider areas affecting your financial life.

We will usually meet every year to see how our recommendations are going and discuss any changes that are necessary.

If something changes for you in the meantime that’s fine, you can ask for a review whenever you like, it’s part of the service we give you. Just get in touch.