What we do

Agile gives truly independent financial advice. That means that we aren’t tied to any particular financial products or providers. We will consider the whole market before making a personal recommendation to you.

We will discuss your lifestyle and work with you to build a long term financial plan. Great financial planning can change lives and it's our job to ensure you take the best possible course of action to secure your future.

To support your financial life, we specialize in the following areas;

Wealth management

We are experts when it comes to managing your wealth. We carefully and independently research our products and portfolios, using our access to market leading investment research.

Helping you to understand the risks of investing and what investments you are comfortable with is key to your future financial wellbeing. It ensures we always have the right mix for you. If required, we’ll research your existing pensions, investments and savings to make sure they remain suitable when compared to the wider market and your financial plans.

No one likes paying tax, so it’s important that we always recommend the most tax efficient strategies. We are always happy to work with your accountant or other professional advisers.

Regular assessments of the quality, performance and cost of your portfolio are carried out as part of our progress meetings and managed portfolio service.

Retirement planning

What does the perfect retirement look like?

Have you done enough?

Pensions and retirement planning are our specialist areas and we give you access to advice on the more complex aspects of retirement planning, such as pension transfers.

We’ll work with you to understand the lifestyle you aspire to and encourage you to explore the many possibilities that your retirement can bring. Using our cashflow modelling tools we bring your retirement plan to life, showing you whether you are on track and what changes you need to make to achieve your perfect retirement.

Family protection

“It will never happen to me.”

Whatever ‘it’ is, sometimes ‘it’ does. Can you be sure that if the worst happens your family will be left in the right place financially? If this is important to you then it’s important that we have a chat about it.

Which life insurance is worth it, which isn’t, and which do you really need? Agile can help by searching the whole market for you.

Estate planning

Quite simply, getting your wealth to your loved ones as easily and as tax efficiently as possible.

Whether it’s ensuring that you have minimised your inheritance tax bill or if you want to make sure that your loved ones are looked after financially when you’re gone, Agile can set you on the right track.

We will work with solicitors in relation to your wills, powers of attorney and trust planning to ensure you have the peace of mind you need.

Not all estate planning is regulated by the FCA.