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Family Protection

“It will never happen to me.” Whatever ‘it’ is, sometimes ‘it’ does. Can you be sure that if the worst happens your family will have financial protection? If this is important to you then it’s important that we have a chat about it. Which life insurance is worth it, which isn’t, and which do you really need? Agile can help by searching the whole market for you.

We believe financial protection is a fundamental aspect of a comprehensive financial plan that helps individuals and families safeguard their financial well-being against unforeseen circumstances and risks.

How do we help?

We build this area into your financial plan as standard, implementing strategies and acquiring suitable financial products to mitigate the adverse effects of events such as illness, disability, death, property damage, or loss of income.

Our primary goal is to ensure you have a safety net so that your loved ones can maintain their standard of living and meet their financial obligations even in challenging times.

Our aim is to give you a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that you have measures in place to protect yourself and your family from potential financial hardships.

Why financial protection?

Mitigates Risks

Financial protection helps mitigate the risks associated with unexpected events such as illness, accidents, disability, or death. It ensures that individuals and their loved ones are not left financially vulnerable during challenging times.

Preserves Lifestyle

Adequate financial protection ensures that individuals can maintain their desired lifestyle and meet their financial commitments even in the face of adversity. It prevents the need for significant lifestyle adjustments or compromising future goals due to unexpected financial burdens.

Protects Loved Ones

Financial protection provides a way to protect and provide for loved ones in the event of the policyholder’s disability or death. It ensures that dependents are cared for and can continue their education, maintain their standard of living, and fulfill their aspirations.

Reduces Stress and Uncertainty

By having appropriate financial protection measures in place, individuals can reduce financial stress and uncertainty. They can focus on recovery, healing, or rebuilding without the added worry of how to handle the financial repercussions of unexpected events.

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