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We want you to know upfront exactly what our planning costs. Our fees are transparent and are designed to be easy for you to follow. Unbiased advice with no catches, no exit penalties and no hidden commissions.

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Financial Planning Service

For those who require initial and ongoing advice, our fees align with our 5 step process:

Initial discussions

No charge

Financial planning meeting and proposals

No charge

Research and Recommendations

£1000 fixed fee


1% of the assets we are advising on

Ongoing service

0.75% of assets under advice per annum

Initial Discussions, Financial Planning Meeting & Proposals

Our initial discussions, followed by a more in depth financial planning meeting, will help you understand the value we can add and exactly what work needs to be done to create your financial plan. There is no charge for either of these meetings as we think it’s important that you have a full and detailed proposal before you decide whether to go ahead with our service.

After this point, we charge fees in three ways; a fixed fee to finalise your financial plan and produce your recommendation report, an implementation fee for investing money and an annual fee for ongoing advice and service. The fees you pay will be determined by the services you ask us to provide. We stage them so that you have the flexibility and choice to continue only if, and when, you wish to do so.

Research & Recommendations

We charge a fixed fee of £1000 for the preparation and presentation of our recommendations to you.  At this stage there is no obligation on you to proceed to the implementation stage and we will agree on the next steps as most appropriate for you.

We will invoice you for this part of our service, however should you decide to go ahead with our recommendations, this fee can usually be paid at the same time as our implementation fee and from your financial product were applicable.


If you are happy to proceed with our recommendations, we charge an implementation fee of 1%. This is based on the assets that form part of the recommendation, such as pensions and investment funds where applicable.

We’ll handle all the fund and policy administration on your behalf as well as providing regular updates of our progress, we’ll also ensure that all of the required documentation has been issued to you correctly.

The table below will give you a good idea of what your initial advice cost may be, based upon the amount of investment or pension assets you’d like us to help you with;

  • Investment amount
  • Fixed report fee
  • Implementation fee (1%)
  • Total fees

Ongoing Advice Charge

Our ongoing advice charge is 0.75% of invested assets per annum and covers our comprehensive financial planning service which supports you throughout each year as we work together towards your objectives. So for example, if we are managing £100,000 for you, our fee would be £750 in that year.

As the value of your investment increases/decreases, the amount we receive will also increase/decrease accordingly. We are usually paid monthly and our fees can be paid via your investment provider, or if you wish, this can be settled via standing order from your bank.

Other Projects

We understand that some clients need one off advice and won’t necessarily require all of our services listed above. For this type of work we charge £200 per hour. For example, a review of your current pensions might take 3 hours of work and would cost £600 (3hrs. x £200). We’ll always confirm total costs for advice before proceeding and provide an invoice for all work undertaken.