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Planning for business owners

If you’re a business owner, self employed or an entrepreneur there are a range of financial planning matters we think should form part of your long term financial plan. Running a business creates many opportunities for you to grow your wealth and plan for your financial freedom. Your business finances and personal finances are often inextricably linked.

We’ll take time to understand your business goals and the strategies you plan to take to achieve these. We can then help you accomplish your goals and work with you to protect the legacy that you’ve worked hard to achieve.

How can we help?

  • Understanding how future business profits fit into your long term cash flow model
  • Making best use of business assets and investment strategies for business capital
  • Protecting the business from the financial loss associated with losing key people due to death or illness
  • Protecting the beneficiaries of owners and directors in the event of death
  • Building a benefits package to help retain key people such as death benefits and workplace pensions
  • Tax efficient extraction of business profits such as directors pension contributions
  • Sale of the business, investment of capital and delivery of your desired retirement

Other areas of advice