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More people than ever are saving into a pension, but 6 in 10 aren’t confident about their knowledge

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The latest figures from the Pension Regulator prove that pension auto-enrolment has been a success – more people than ever are saving into a pension. Yet, research also shows that many people don’t think they know enough about saving for retirement. Before the government introduced auto-enrolment in 2012, just 4 in 10 private sector workers… Read more »

The pension gap: Life expectancy means women need to save more for retirement

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The pension gap between men and women is closing. But, once life expectancy is taken into consideration, women still need to save an extra £185,000 for retirement, on average, according to the Scottish Widows 2021 Women and Retirement report. The report finds that young women in their 20s today can expect to have around £250,000… Read more »

8 pension mistakes that could affect your retirement

Saving for retirement should be part of your financial plan and can help you secure the lifestyle you’re looking forward to. But watch out for these eight pension mistakes, which could ruin your plans. 1. Putting off paying into a pension The sooner you start paying into a pension regularly, the better. Throughout your career,… Read more »

How to pay as little tax as Trump.

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Hello out there. It’s the weekend again. Where did that go?! I hope you’re all well and safe, spirits up and eager …